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Improve the punch and die processing efficiency

Publish time:2016-12-28   Click:497

Not only punch and die processing,we should do to be convenient,labor saving,safety,but also to ensure the performance and quality of punch and die.It  is specialized in the punch and die processing should be the products more flexible use of the basic knowledge. 

According to the features of the processing,to consider the various factors in the selection,the most reasonable processing form and the most economical option.In the punch and die processing,to obtain greater profits,first of all to the processing characteristics of the machining center has a profound understanding and grap,but also  understand the following points:

First,the accuracy of machined parts;Second,the batch size;Third,the manufacturing cycle;Forth,the manufacturing cost

Find a good punch and die manufacturer in Chang'an,improve the punch and die processing efficiency.The assembly quality depends on the quality of punch and die of the machine,including the punch and die processing  and surface quality of two parts machining accuracy refers to the actual geometric parameters of mold parts processing (size, shape and position) is consistent with theideal geometric parameters on the degree.The difference between them is called the machining error.The machining error reflect the size of the processing precision.The high precision error is lower,the smaller the higher machining accuracy error;a major impact on the machining accuracy:precision,is consistent with the actual size and the degree of punch and die processing size parts of the tolerance zone center.

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