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Tool and die maker have to pay attention points when processing

Publish time:2018-01-12   Click:251

With the development of science and technology,precision nould part manufacturers has increase.In order to product high quality,high precision mold parts,tool and die maker have to pay attention points are what?Here are two kinds of tool and die maker have to pay attention points:

About cooling, heating system

1.Cooling or heating system should be unimpeded

2.The sealing device should be reliable,the system under the 0.5MPa pressure shall not have leakage phenomenon and 

easy to repair

3.The seal groove’s size and shape should comply with the relevant standards

4.The sealing ring should apply butter,then placed higher than the mold surface

5.The spacer between the water and the oil shall be using the material which is not easy to be corroded

6.Front mould and back mould should centralized drainage

About gating system

1.Gate setting should not affect the appearance of the product,and than can meet the product assembly

2.The flow section,length should be designed reasonably.In order to ensure the quality of the process to shorten the process,

reduced the cross-sectional area to shorten the filling and cooling time

3.Ball-head tension rod should be fixed,it can be pressed below the positioning ring and also be fixed by without head screw

4.Sprue gate should be in accordance with the requirements of the specification

5.The front end of the runner should be extend as gold wall

When manufacturing high quality products,tool and die maker have to pay attention points of course more than these.

Hope the tool and die maker can refer the two points and sum up more experience.YIZE as a professional tool and die maker,mainly engages in design and manufacture of China connector mold parts products,precision computer connector mould parts and precision automobile connector mould parts as well as manufacture of precision satmping mould parts and components,precision plastic mould inserts,various non-standard core pins ejector pins,welcome for inquiry.

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