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TEL:86-769-8188 8522

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The first business meeting of precision mould part manufacturer

Publish time:2018-10-15   Click:263

On October 7th,the first business meeting of precision mould part manufacturer in YIZE was officially held.This is the first large-scale summary review meeting since the implementation of the new management system of Yize Mould,which will play a major role in the future development of Yize.

During the meeting,the team leader reported the data in July,August and September respectively, and also deeply reviewed the reasons for the data anomaly and set a goal for the future.We also believe that members can over-achieve their goals under the leadership of the team leader.In addition,in the meeting,Mr. Wang also raised his own questions about some basic situations of various departments.Here are fews simple questions to share with you:

1.How to ensure the quality of the parts which processed by the new employees?

In July and August,all parts were checked.In September,was random check.

2.WEDM-LS preparation requires 1-2 days to complete,can be completed?

No problem.

From the above problems,we can know that the company's management personnel not only pay attention to the processing quality and efficiency,but also the learning situation of the new employees.The business meeting of precision mould part manufacturer improved their work effciency and cultivate their team spirit.

Yize Mould has been engaged in the mold industry for more than ten years.During this period,there is no company development without the efforts of employees.It is their excellence in product quality that attracts so many customers.Regardless of whether it is in the connector mold parts or in the round piece customization,or in the processing of tungsten steel parts have a certain amount of experience.I believe that in this state,Yize will have more gains in the future and become the best precision mould part manufacturer of China.

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