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TEL:86-769-8188 8522

FAX:86-769-8188 8548

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Yize mould will move to the new factory

Publish time:2018-10-30   Click:209

What will the future of the mould part manufacturer be?Yize will tell you!

Our company is a manufacturer specializing in connector molds,precision tungsten steel parts,precision stamping die parts,and precision round parts.Since 2006,our products have also won the praise of customers at home and abroad,which also inspires us to continue to progress and pursue higher goals.If you want to know what will the future of the mould part manufacturer be?In 2018,Yize can give you an answer.We have made repeated breakthroughs, bringing customers pleasant surprises over and over again.

Recently,the board chairmanof Yize signed a contract in the new factory area,formally realizing the relocation plan,all the employees are very excited for the good news,which also means that the company is having a great development.

We would like to thank the customers for their support to us all the time.Then,we would like to thank the suppliers for their cooperation.Finally,we sincerely thank all the staff who worked quietly for the company.This all made Yize!If you want a reliable mould part manufacturer,Yize is a good choice!The future of the mould part manufacturer is very clear!

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TEL:86-769-8188 8522

FAX:86-769-8188 8548