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Core Pin Manufacturer Tell You Several Inlaying Methods of Die Inserts

Publish time:2019-07-09   Click:180

Different inserts will be used according to different requirements in die processing, and different  inlaying methods will be used according to different requirements of die inserts.

Today, Yize introduces several common inlay methods of die inserts:

1. Mould mosaic

The common customer insertion method can improve the production efficiency and shorten the processing cycle of the die in the process. Especially in some spark machine processing can reduce the cutting time, more convenient adjustment and correction.

2. Mould insertion

Pass-insertion is also a common method in die inserts. It is mainly for the size of pillars or holes. It is more advantageous for processing and better exhaust material removal, and can effectively control the size accuracy of holes and pillars.

3. Mould face inlay

The surface mounting of die inserts is a commonly used method. It can be used to complete high precision or small workpiece processing which is difficult to control on some large workpieces, especially for the places with oblique holes or angles with several changes. It is more effective to avoid the appearance of inserts.

4.Mould base insert
Base insertion is a common insertion method for deep bone or cavity in die inserts. Base insertion can be more conducive to die production, shorten the processing time and effectively avoid all kinds of defects in the appearance of products.

The above points are the introduction of several insertion methods commonly used in die inserts. Dongguan yize mould supply high precision mold core insert. Although die inserts are small parts, they can also play a great role, such as improving the service life of the die and reducing production costs.

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