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What are the surface treatment techniques for precision mould parts?

Publish time:2019-07-18   Click:193

We all know that the service life of mould parts is related to its material, precision and other properties. At the same time, some surface treatment technology can also improve the surface performance of mould parts, thereby improving the service life of products. These surface properties mainly include wear resistance, corrosion resistance, friction coefficient and so on. So, what are the surface treatment techniques for precision mould parts?

The surface treatment techniques for precision mould parts is a systematic engineering that changes the surface morphology, chemical composition, structure and stress state of precision die parts through surface coating, surface modification or composite treatment technology, so as to obtain the required surface properties. Surface treatment can be divided into chemical, physical and mechanical methods.

Nitriding, carburizing and hardening film deposition are widely used in Yize precision mould processing. Because nitriding technology can form a surface with good performance, and the nitriding process has good coordination with quenching process, and the nitriding temperature is low, no intense cooling is needed after nitriding, and the deformation of precision die parts is very small, so nitriding technology is widely used. Among them, CVD and PVD are the most mature technologies for hardening film deposition. In order to increase the bonding strength of the film workpiece surface, various enhanced CVD and PVD technologies have been developed. Yize produces and processes all kinds of precision tungsten steel circular punches, punches with outer diameter accuracy less than 0.002 and inner hole less than 0.005, which can be polished and coated with PVD.

Above is the surface treatment techniques for precision mould parts summarized by Yize, precision mould parts processing, choose Dongguan Yize mould!

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